Don’t just call it filled pasta.

Tradition, know-how and high-quality ingredients are the treasure trove which produces innovative and sustainable recipes. Let yourself be amazed.

Guarding the past, looking to the future

An authentic
Italian story

In Emilia Romagna, in the heart of the Food Valley, we have been making highly recognizable types of filled pasta with loving care for over a hundred years

Very Few

Our Italian filled pasta stands out for the use of a small selection of high-quality ingredients

by nature

Our choice is about a new kind of dialogue between Nature and Culture, one that finally gives a voice to the environment.


Cappelletti, or Caplèt in the local dialect, is a classic dish that expertly combines local products with ancient recipes. They are traditionally served in capon broth but you can also try the variations with meat sauce or with cream.
Our filling is made from the original recipe, awakening the authentic flavours that we just can’t forget.

The tradition of yesterday, of today, of always

The pleasure of a recipe unchanged over time and handed down from generation to generation as a family and winter night specialty. This is how Cappelletti has become an Italian dish of excellence that is appreciated for its quality and for embodying the values that bind us all.

Swiss Chard Tortelli

Any discussion of fresh pasta must include Swiss chard Tortelli.
This recipe, suitable for everyone and prepared with just a few authentic ingredients, immediately conveys an enveloping sense of home. Saying “made as it used to be” means this, too.

the value of being together

The recipe that brings people together and creates convivial occasions. An Emilian specialty, drowned in butter and dried with a generous dose of grated Parmigiano Reggiano, to be shared with the people you love, with friends and family.

Ricotta and Swiss Chard Tortelli

Ricotta and Swiss chard Tortelli is the symbol of Parmesan cuisine.
Created for Christmas Eve dinner, to avoid eating meat, it has become the “lean” dish par excellence. It’s a dish with a fresh and creamy filling prepared with “vegetable garden” ingredients that create a combination of superb flavours.

from the vegetable garden to the table for a more authentic taste

You can’t talk about Ricotta and Swiss Chard Tortelli without extolling its fresh, authentic flavour. This is why we have chosen to follow the original recipe, using only a few selected ingredients that evoke the local area and protect the environment.

Pumpkin Tortelli

Pumpkin Tortelli has become one of the filled pasta dishes that best represents Italian cuisine in the world. The sweetness of the pumpkin, the undisputed protagonist of this recipe, is enhanced by mixing with the intense taste of Parmigiano Reggiano and sage, creating an incredible symphony of sweet and sour aromas. All this enclosed in a thin sheet of pasta made with fresh eggs.

a generous and surprising filling

The delicious pairing of sweetness and liveliness, which brings with it the unmistakeable aroma of autumn, is the secret of the filling of a dish that is perfect for all seasons. Pumpkin Tortelli is born from a daring but winning combination that brings the enveloping warmth of the sun to your table.


The history of tortellini is rich with legends and marked by continuous evolutions that have made it one of the most iconic pasta dishes in the world.  The version with mortadella, typical of Bolognese cuisine, is the most famous one but certainly not the only one. The versatility of this dish, influenced by regional variations, have made of it a must of yesterday’s and tomorrow’s cuisine.

a receptacle for a thousand scenarios

The traditional Bolognese recipe calling for mortadella is the most traditional and best known one, but not the only one. Whether more delicate or more intensely flavoured, with dry-cured ham or with truffle, there is a world of variations to use as a starting point for being creative and to share with others at any time.


Bottoncini become the new protagonists of the table at home and beyond.
A selection of top quality ingredients combined with the traditional fragrances and flavours of Emilia: a product is born that brings together the best of tradition with an innovative concept that aims to conquer new markets and new opportunities for consumption.

traditions breaks new ground

We started from tradition to create Bottoncini, a new product with endless potential. An evolution towards a concept of pasta that moves beyond the usual and becomes the protagonist of new opportunities for consumption.


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Recipes for all tastes

Pumpkin Tortelli with mushrooms and walnuts
Pumpkin Ravioli with leek cream, Parmigiano shavings and coffee powder
Porcini Mushroom Ravioli with mushroom foam, saffron and balsamic vinegar
Cappelletti with Parmesan cheese fondue, caramelized pears and thyme
Meat Bottoncini with brunoise of vegetables, yellow tomato and fried aromatic herbs

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