A story that began in the heart of the Food Valley, where filled pasta is a tradition handed down from generation to generation.

Reggiana Gourmet: authentic Italian recipes


The origins

A workshop specialized in the production of fresh artisanal pasta opens in 1960. Reggiana Gourmet was born from that small business and that passion for quality.


From shop to company

The business is acquired by new owners who implement its production, keeping the ties to tradition and the local area unaltered, and transform it into a leading company in Emilia Romagna in the production of fresh pasta and filled pasta.

SINCE 2021

Towards the future

Reggiana Gourmet comes under the control of the entrepreneur Giovanni Ronconi. The new President starts immediately to increase investments in all sectors with just one goal: accelerating the expansion of its market presence in Italy and abroad.


We produce top quality fresh filled pasta, taking the authentic flavours of Italian cuisine to the new opportunities for consumption. We only use selected ingredients as well as some PDO and PGI raw materials, grown without harming the environment, in order to offer our customers an authentic product full of flavour. We stand out for our ability to anticipate market changes and invest in new technology to increase our production capacity. In this context, introducing processing with bronze dies has allowed us to obtain high-quality pasta with a rougher texture.

Getting inspiration from nature

In nature, everyone finds their place and becomes a part of a complex system, where each element exists in a mutual, dynamic balance. We have been inspired by this condition to finally give voice to the environment and let Nature and Culture interact in a new way. Saying “made as it used to be” means this, too.


Manual skills, ingeniousness and creativity, the tools that convey the story of our land, become guarantors of the values that distinguish it. The goal is to create, whenever possible, a short supply chain through the selection of suppliers and reliance on local producers. We choose raw material responsibly, aware of their environmental impact, and we collaborate with suppliers who pay attention to environmental issues. This policy enables us to extend beyond the company our concept of sustainable production. Following tradition also means choosing to use only a few, authentic ingredients. Hence the decision to keep the original recipes unchanged, but also to use them as the starting point for creating new clean label products in line with the evolution of consumer tastes and lifestyles.

The choice of business sustainability

Our actions and the decisions behind them have a remote impact that we need to be aware of. This is why we create the best conditions in all phases of our work to ensure that these choices are compatible with the balance of the environment. From our production plant, powered by 6,500 square metres of 300kW solar panels, to our new packaging lines, with packs made of recyclable mono material. The new path of Reggiana Gourmet, focused on authenticity, sustainability and consumer transparency, crowns an experience of many decades in the production of fresh pasta and filled pasta.


Over the years we have established and strengthened business partnerships with first-rate suppliers to guarantee high qualitative standards while respecting the environment.
A key strategic choice that is pursued both inside and outside our production plants,  thanks also to a highly specialized team.
The constant updating of processing techniques has allowed us to increase production while maintaining the high quality of our products.
As evidence of our growth, in recent years the company has received several important international certifications, such as IFS Food and BRCGS.


The high quality of the ingredients, investments in R&D and a production process that is focused on sustainability: these are the values with which the company presents itself on the international market. When it comes to foreign markets, our goal is to guarantee the gastronomic heritage that distinguishes Made in Italy products in terms of recipes and taste, but also to be ready to explore new opportunities for consumption, new trends and the different lifestyles of consumers around the world.

Reggiana Gourmet in the social sphere

We put people at the centre of a system of values that goes beyond the company. This is why we have chosen to play an active role in our community, working with Parma’s Yellow Cross and other no-profit associations on projects aimed at the improvement of the quality of life of our local area. To this end, we have initiated a collaboration with the Apro Onlus Association to donate 10% of sales to the “Amica per la pelle” project for the purchase of medical equipment for the treatment of skin cancer.

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